What is Bright SDK For Developers?

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It’s a new way for you to monetize your apps, that does not disturb the user but works in the background.

BrightSDK helps companies collect information that is publicly available on the web. It uses the user’s IP address to download a few web pages in the background from well known Internet sites. This is done in a way that never interrupts the user, and is totally GDPR/CCPA compliant. The webpages are then sent to the companies, who use them to improve their databases, offering better products, services and pricing.  

It does not matter if you offer a free, paid or ad-supported app, you can decide when to integrate the BrightSDK offer in your user flows to maximize your revenue. Here are just 3 examples of how you can use Bright SDK to optimize your revenue:

  • Paid app: At the end of a paid app’s trial period, offer BrightSDK to the user in exchange for a trial extension, or a limited version of the paid version. This gives you more time to convert the user to payment – and generates additional revenue until they convert.
  • Free, ad-supported app: Offer BrightSDK to the user as an alternative to the ad-supported version. Not only will user experience be better and retention higher, you  will generate higher revenue than with the ad supported version.
  • Free app: Ask your user to support you by accepting the BrightSDK offer.