Is Bright SDK directed towards children under 13?

  • Updated

No, Bright SDK is not directed towards children under 13. Bright Data implemented several steps to limit Bright SDK to children under 13, including the following:  


Apps owned and operated by Bright Data are published on app stores with an age rating of 13+. This means that if a platform supports parental controls for app downloads and the parental controls were enabled in the device, Bright Data’s apps will not even be displayed in the relevant app store to children under 13. 


We advertise our owned and operated apps. Where possible, we ask our advertising partners not to show our ads to users under the age of 13. 


On platforms that have parental control, and Bright Data is able to identify that the user is defined in the age 0-12 years, the Bright SDK will not be available.


To be clear, Bright SDK does not collect, use or disclose any personal information from its users and does not track user activity in any way. You can see further details and information in our privacy policy and FAQ.