Can I decide when to show the consent screen?

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Yes – you know your app best, so you can choose the best time to show it. Here are a few examples of possible times to display it:
> If you are using the Bright SDK to replace ads:

  • On launch: ask the user ‘do you want to remove ads for free’?
  • After showing a few ads: ‘tired of ads? Remove them for free’

> If you are using the Bright SDK for additional revenue on top of ads:

  • When you detect the user is happy and it is a good time to ask for their support
  • On launch ‘the app is free, help me keeping it free – if you accept the offer on the next page I will get paid’

Remember that you can offer the Bright SDK several times during the app’s lifetime and/or user’s journey inside a session. 
Note that monetization will NOT start until the user has opted-in on the consent screen.