Do I need to let you know once I update my app?

  • Updated
  • If the update contains changes that are only relevant to the app’s look and feel, game flow, design, etc. – there is no need to update Bright SDK or to pass any additional review. You are free to share the update, but we probably will not review it.
  • If the update contains *any* kind of change around Bright SDK, you must upload a new version for review and release it only following approval from the Bright SDK team. Examples of changes are: modifications to consent screen’s content, modifying the opt-out screen, changing the value to the user, showing the consent screen in different parts of the app etc. The reason for this requirement is to maintain compliance and ensure we keep our transparency level with the users.
  • Please note that when submitting live apps for another review, there is no need to run through the self check. Simply click on "submit a new version" in the app page.