What is the process to get the monthly payment?

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Please see below step by step guide for monthly payment procedure.


  1. One time configuration: update your billing contact details and payment method. It can always be modified by you if needed. 




  1. In the beginning of each month, you should receive a notification on our dashboard as well as an email to the defined billing address. The message will include a template invoice specifying the amount to be paid this month.








  1. The invoice is also available for download in our dashboard, under Billing > Invoices



  1. After downloading the invoice template, confirm that the bank account and amount are correct. If you think anything is wrong with the pre-filled amount to be paid, contact your partnership manager and let them know.


  1. Upload the updated invoice template to the same page.
  2. Your payment will now be processed and paid, in accordance with the payment terms defined per your partner program level.
  3. On this page you should be able to monitor progress of the payment approval cycle, until it is paid.