What does Bright SDK do?

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Bright SDK indexes information that is available on public websites. This information is freely available to any user, without a login or password, and is downloaded anonymously. Bright SDK is one of the tools that enables Bright Data to collect public web data.


You can think of it this way: Bright Data automates the process that any human can do. For example, a company can put 100 employees to work 24/7 to record prices of product on a website, browsing individual URLs using a browser, reading the information they see on the screen, and manually fill large tables. Or they can just use Bright Data to do it automatically and at scale.


For avoidance of doubt, here is a partial list of things that Bright SDK does NOT do. Bright SDK :

- Does NOT use user’s credentials or information when downloading public web data from a website. 

- Does NOT collect any personal information regarding the user. Bright SDK complies with GDPR and CCPA.

- Does NOT track the user in any way. Bright SDK does not have a notion of ‘user’. For example, if a user opts-in to the Bright SDK offer in an app, then uninstalls the app, reinstalls the same app and opts-in again, Bright SDK doesn’t know it was the same user.

- Does NOT change content on websites (e.g. leave reviews, upvote). Web indexing is totally passive process.

- Does NOT allow sending emails (port 25 is blocked) and can NOT be used to send spam. Bright SDK only uses port 80 and 443, to download traffic over HTTP and HTTPS. 

- Does NOT harm the website’s response time to users. Bright Data uses real-time monitoring to ensure web indexing does not impact the website and stops indexing if needed.


See this video for further illustration.